Welcome to my website. I am DJ LMP aka Longrange Man Pounder aka the Greek guy. Yes,I'm Greek isn't that weird?

I've been a DJ for Eve Radio since 2009 and I'd like to personally say thank you to you all,for keepin' us on air by donating.. soo thank you! And be sure,that ER will just keep on growing and growing just for you,our listeners.

You can listen to my show "Greek Insanity with DJ LMP" on Mondays 16:00-19:00 GMT. After me at midnight it's DJ Kalabakk.

Use the buttons on the top to navigate in and out of the website. I also uploaded my mixes too,so you can listen and download them from house-mixes.com! You can get in touch with me at lmp@gamingradio.net .

Enjoy your stay. Peace Out.